How Secure is the Cloud in 2022?

We are increasingly using cloud storage. What follows from this? Yes, the security of your stored data is becoming an increasing problem.

How Secure Is Your Data in the Cloud? Cloud Security Categories

How serious are the information security problems that large and small companies face when using clouds? As polls show, one of the main obstacles to their widespread use around the world is the problems associated with ensuring information security: until now, most of the leaders of large companies are confident in the lack of security of cloud services.

Today, the speed of the Internet allows you to work with files in the “clouds” – quickly upload and download data on remote resources. Online services help manage projects, create IT products, keep accounts and solve almost any business problem. In general, the fight against vulnerabilities occurs mainly on the server side: this is the responsibility of the cloud service provider. But customers also have their own responsibilities, in addition to choosing a reliable supplier. Customers must properly use security settings, be able to use services safely, and take care to protect all end-user devices and networks.

Cloud security is the next set of categories:

  • Data security.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • Administrative control (policy of prevention, detection, and elimination of threats).
  • Data storage and business continuity planning.
  • Compliance.

Already today, more and more companies, universities, and schools have been expanding the use of cloud services such as Google Drive for a long time, and more and more users are storing files in Dropbox, Box, Amazon Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, etc. Of course, users are concerned about the safety of their information; millions of users store data on the Internet. Data stored in the cloud is almost always encrypted. The cipher must be cracked before an attacker gains access to the information.

Several far less popular cloud services, including Mega and SpiderOak, require users to upload and download files through specialized client applications that include encryption features. This additional step allows users to store the encryption keys themselves. But users, in this case, give up some familiar features, such as the ability to search among their files stored in the cloud.

How Secure Is Cloud Backup to the Public Cloud?

Many private users are increasingly using online services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. These services allow you to store data online and subsequently edit or access it from other accesses. Access is via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox), proprietary client applications, or applications.

However, these online backup services do not replace local data backup but are only possible as an addition to local data backup. Those who store their data via online cloud backup should make sure there is always a local copy as well. However, such data backups are only for brave private users and are definitely not recommended for companies.

Practice shows that the owners of a number of small and medium-sized banks are not ready to invest in modern information technologies, which hinders the implementation of banking procedures and increases the level of operational risks. Machine learning with a cloud solution for voice recognition, one of the main technological trends, is based on the analysis of millions of voice recordings-excerpts. What are the risks involved? Both experts agree that, in theory, this process is designed to be safe for end-users.